Start Tank

Start Tank is an incubator with free co-working space for the next generation of startups. We hope that it will accelerate the growth of the Boston startup ecosystem by enabling entrepreneurs to collaborate with each other, work alongside the PayPal Boston team, tap into a vast network of contacts, and leverage seasoned entrepreneurs' expertise.

In return, the mentors will be plugged into the latest ventures and maximize their entrepreneurial skills and contacts. Come visit us in the PayPal Boston headquarters @ 1 International Place.



For startups to succeed, they need a community in which to thrive. It's not just a roof overhead or low cost rent, but the location where a young company situates can prove crucial to its success. The Start Tank offers an innovative environment where entrepreneurs can grow and feed off each others' energy, creativity and support. Access to talent and connections from within the PayPal Boston team is unprecedented and among the many mentors in our office, 10 employees have started their own company at one point.

With over 50 collaborative spaces, 2 common areas with seating for 60+ and 2 break areas with gaming and dining space, our office space is the embodiment of a strong commitment to entrepreneurialism, experienced leadership, and new ideas.

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